General Store Ltd.

We are serving coffee, Soft Ice Cream, Mini Hot Donuts and slushie

Fresh Food

Petersfield ensures each and every food available to you is of superior quality and fresh.

Reasonable Rates

We are committed to offer best products & services at budget rates

Premium Quality

You can choose from a wide variety of Premium quality products of international brands under one roof.

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Petersfield General Store Ltd.

Petersfield General Store is more than just a typical convenience store, committed to ensure a smart shopping experience. We offer a broad selection of food and beverages to cater to the busy-on-the go lifestyles. The family service Store has carved a niche in the grocery and merchandise segment and has become one of the most trusted names. We excel in bridging the gap between consumer demand and supply with consistent availability of products. The Convenience Store provides retail goods and service to customers & surrounding communities of Petersfield. The only store & gas station in Petersfield not only sells gasoline but also groceries including Bread, meat, grocery needs, JD HOGGS meat, proggies cigarettes, pizza, sub sandwiches, fountain drinks, snacks and picnic supplies. You can choose from a wide variety of products of international brands available and shop for products from the categories.

As we move forward we will be adding more products and categories for better purchase experience. We are happy to have you and are looking forward for your patronage on repeated basis.

why choose us?

Petersfield General Store is one of the leading groceries & household items stores, committed to offer superior quality products and services. Started with the purpose to resolve every household’s needs, we strive to make our customers happy every day. With thousands of products from hundreds of brands, Petersfield ensures each and every item available to you is of superior quality and fresh.

  • The only store & gas station in Petersfield
  • Easy & Convenient Shopping Experience
  • 100% authentic items
  • Superior Service
  • Accept ATM

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  • Lysa Wilkins

    What a lovely surprise! Seriously didn’t expect that the store is well stocked with so many products of top brands. We just stepped in for breakfast sandwiches and juice while on our way to short trip. Seems like a very nice general store, and the food is excellent! That proggies is to die for, best I've ever had! Just beyond expectations! Definitely a must-stop for a quick bite! Kudos Petersfield General Store!

  • John Jimson

    YAY! Thank you Petersfield General Store for updating your items! I was seriously blown away by the extensive selection of grocery type items. They have all you can ask for. Right from ready to cook meals, cereal boxes, bread, meat, juice to fruits etc, the store is a boon for travelers on a budget. Very good inventory and pretty decent prices!